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Wel, Well, Well!

So Friday after my Mom got off from work I went and got Ash. Then we went over to Lauren's. We went bowling with Lauren, Chris, and Timmy. It was a really kool place Ash and I didn't bowl but we still had fun. After they got done we went back to Lauren's. Ash and I went on up to Steak-n-Shake and Lauren, Chris and maybe Travis were going to meet us up there. Well I couldn't finish my food and I started to feel like shit. So I went on and took Ash home and went home myself.

Saturday I didn't get up tell noon. I layed a round and then got dressed and went over to Ash's at 3:30. Got there and finished getting ready. Then we went out to eat at Cici's. It was fun there too. We talked a lot and we couldn't figure out what Ash had got for her birthday this past year. Well she ended up having to call her Mom about it and she had got her cell phone. Haha. After we ate we went to the mall to be kool. Didn't get anything but damn the mall has changed since the last time we went. Then we went to Wal-Mart. Ash got t-shirt that said "Looking for Mr. Right Now", hair spray, and clips. Finally we went on our way to Bulldogs. In the parking lot we did Ash's hair. There was already a band playing so we ran on over and it was only Sub Rosa. I didn't even know they were playing. There weren't on the flayer. So we rushed in for no reason. Then there was some other band that played after them that I didn't care much for either. Finally Arcane Saint went on. While they were setting up they asked us where our Orange hats were and mine was out in the car. So Ash went and got it for me, she also got two pair of glasses. So we put them on and danced around and had a good time. Tomorrow is Scott's birthday so we started singing hit Happy Birthday. After they played Halfway Hollow went on. We didn't watch them. Then (intheclear) went on. They sounded really good. During "Drown" Ash and I got on the stage with them. At 12 I missaged Lauren and asked in Surviving Thalia was playing. She siad no and False was still on. So we asked if she thought we could get in. The she was at St. Andrews Pub and it was 21+. Well Lauren said yes. So we rushed over to the show and we made it just in time. No one even noticed that we had just walked in. The show was great as always. Jason came over to us in the middle of a song and asked if we were drinking and we told him no cause we weren't. We only went for them. Seemed like Salior was trying to keep all of the drunks away from us. I only got hit once and it hurt like hell, but I am oksy now. Right after the played we left and went to Steak-n-shake and I seen some friends from school. Also Danny, Blake, Jaysin, and Claude were all there. Ash, Lauren, Travis, and I all had a good time. After we ate Ash and I came home and went to sleep.

Today I got up around noon and called my Nana to see if we were going to see Underworld 2, we were, at 3:30. Then I layed back down tell 2:30 and got ready and went on over to the movies. Underworld 2 was soo the shit! I love, love, loved, it! Then I came on home. Fun fun. So this weekend was the shit. I was so happy that I got to see Survivng Thalia!
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